My Wife’s Ass is a full-length theater piece in progress written by collaborators Hana Malia and Glenn Marla, based in values of body liberation and the need to produce fat narrative and performance in a world intent on dehumanizing and shaming fat bodies, fat sexuality, and fat imagination into silence. In a tale of the bravery and imagination required to fall into fat love, My Wife’s Ass explores agency over and fear of the fat queer body, the “headless fatty,” unabashed consumption, “fat panic,” the backlash against gender non-conformity, and how the “war on obesity” is experienced at street level.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Fatties! wanna inquire if this production is available for consumption? I would like to bring some fatty positive thought provocative theater to our happy little valley sooner than later. What are your needs in this production performing outside of your fine city? Also i love the graphic image you are using on this site, kinda awesome.

    thank you in advance- amiee joy ross

    “Thin may be in but Fat is where it;s at!”

    • We are so excited to be able to bring My Wife’s Ass around for visits but right now we are finalizing the next stage of the piece in preparations for a local theater festival. Once her legs grow a little thicker and ready to take a journey we will let all the beautiful folks ready to host some big fat theater know! Thanks for being excited about the work and here’s to hoping we get it on the road to you soon!

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